Our products are born with the aim of being the engine towards a healthier diet and in harmony with
society and environment. Therefore, all of our raw materials are vegetable and from ecological agriculture
turning our products suitable for vegetarian, vegan and celiac diets, and, ultimately, for everyone looking for a biological diet.

100% Bio

Our organic plant products are grown without fertilizers or chemical synthesis pesticides (fungicides, insecticides or herbicides). Only natural organic and mineral fertilizers are used.

All our products are made using techniques that minimize forms of contamination and quality losses, thus avoiding the use of additives.

All our products are certified:


All our products are free of traces of milk and its derivatives, eggs, fish and peanuts.

All our Gluten Free products contain levels below 10 ppm (particles per million), which makes them ideal products for celiac or gluten-free diets.

More information about our gluten-free products.

! Products with Kombu seaweed among its ingredients may contain traces of crustaceans.