Rice Crackers with Apple Juice

Our genuine organic brown rice crackers dipped in apple juice. Delicately made with apple juice that is concentrated and crystallized on a crispy brown rice cracker, softened with a little rice syrup. Its characteristic fruity flavor with an acid touch and its crunchy texture makes them the most appreciated of all our products.

We use 700g of fresh fruit (apple) to make 100g of concentrated apple juice contained in each package. Our cookies are exclusively made with cereals from the Iberian Peninsula.

Apart from the known benefits of brown rice, concentrated apple juice is particularly rich in antioxidants that can act naturally and more effectively than synthetic products in preserving various functions such as cognitive faculties (as in the case of Alzheimer’s) or curing various conditions, especially for the elderly.

Ingredients: Organic brown rice (66%), Organic rice syrup, Organic apple juice.